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Social Movement in Syria

Modern societies are in constant change from old ways of living that they find unfavorable and Syria is not exceptional. These changes call for movements in the societies as they struggle to fight for better lives. Generally, these changes can be bureaucratic, economic, social or revolutionary depending on the issues being addressed. There have serious demonstrations in Syria for the last five months regardless of the harsh repression of protestors by the country’s president, Bachar Al Assad, authorities. Protestors argue that president Barcar’s regime should come to an end and a regime that promotes national equality and justice for all established. They feel that time has come for the Syrian citizens to fight for fair governance that is ready to protect right of common citizens and not few individuals allied to those in power. This is evident with the fact that protestors in Syria are increasing everyday regardless of brutal crackdown by security forces in support of the current president.

Social movement witnessed in Syria is a good example of a society that is tired with its current structure of leadership and is ready to do everything to change it. There are several social change theories that are used to explain causes of movement in societies. From the look of the events in Syria, conflict theories explain best the causes of the movement. According to conflict theories the main reason for conflict among the society members is inequality in accessing national resources. These theories include Marxism and neo- Marxism. Sources of conflict explained in conflict theory are dominant in Syria’s demonstrations. Conflict is based on political and social economic basis as citizens feel that the current regime is obsolete. As explained in neo- Marxism, people of Syria want total system revolution and not partial changes. Conflict is characterized with intense conflict whereby there is high degree of mobilization and emotional conflict among protestors. There are cases of unregulated and violent conflict with severe damages on people and property. Possible results of the ongoing Syrian movement could be total or partial system change as both destructive and constructive consequences replace new orders with new ones.

U.S Tea Party movement

The U.S Tea Party movement (TPM) is a political movement that calls for awareness to issues that challenges the sovereignty and security of the United States of America. The movement is fiscally conservative and believes in maintaining traditional American lifestyles. Currently, the movement supports, reduction of the national debt, reduced federal budget, reduction in government spending and opposition to selective taxation. The movement is also famous for its campaign to encourage interpretation of the U.S constitution in its original form. The name “Tea Party” is believed to have originated from the Boston Tea Party, which was a protest by colonists against British tax on tea in 1773.

The U.S Tea party is neither a revolutionary movement nor a reformist one. Generally, reform movements are formed to facilitate changes in specific areas of the system for better. On the other hand, revolutionary social movements are formed to facilitate radical and total changes of the entire system. Revolutionists are dissatisfied with the existing social order and campaign for replacement of the entire existing social structure according to their ideologies. Considering the activities of the U.S Tea Party, it does not recommend changes in specific areas, like reformists, or radical changes as it is with the revolutionists. The movement is a reactionary or revivalist movement as it highlights the importance and greatness of the U.S traditional values, ideologists and institutional arranges. The movement aims at returning the social structure of the U.S to the way it was in the ancient days. The movement does not support fast moving changes in the U.S, especially with the Obama government whether radical or gradual.