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Social Structure

During the working on the presented issue, I have asked myself where my place in this world is. Which from the variety of groups is the most appropriate variant for me? In the contemporary understanding, I guess that the sociology could me help to provide clarity to this item. Thus, my leading task in this article is to understand my personal position and attitude to the life, discover which of the key factors influence my development as a human, and highlight the invisible connections that make me pertain to this or that group.

As the belonging to the social structure – “a set of relatively stable roles” (“Social Structure”) – marks your future and location on the scale of rank, it is important to realize the necessity of such distribution. In the process of socialization – “process by which individuals internalize the values, beliefs, and norms of a given society and learn to function as a member of that society” (“What is Socialization?”) – we play some roles and test the characters we would like to be. However, some things are determined by our destiny and origin. Personally, I was born in a typical Chinese family, which means that from the moment of my birth I have gained a specific status. The first one – ascribed – was given to me unintentionally. According to it, I pertain to the male gender, Chinese nationality, and to the category of a single child. The achieved status means that I could change the things related to myself during the living period. I have recently become a student, a football player in a local team, and then I will occupy a position, belong to the peculiar group, etc.

In the context of reflecting the roles, I will probably face with such concept, as “role conflict” and I will have to deal with some demands, wishes, and expectations presented by the whole society. More specifically, I am to perform the gender role – the role of a careful son, husband, and father in the nearest future.

Without a doubt, the majority of the people cannot live isolated and, due to the people’s interactions, we can admit a strong dependence between the number of existed groups and communities. For instance, I have already experienced the role of a pupil, and now I can attribute myself to the primary group called “students.” Moreover, by referring to the secondary group I can be characterized as “football player”, “basketball fun” and other specific categories which have the valuable aspect.

However, we should be acquainted with the fact that there is the number of vital factors that have an influence on our behavior. Frankly speaking, our position in the society defines by four criteria of social stratification (Questions on Social Stratification). There are income, education, power, and authority. To my mind, the combination of such notions assures a clear understanding of the most significant prerequisites of a change in our lives.

I am pretty sure that these conceptions have influenced not only my personal life but the well-being of my parents and grandparents, too. As they have grown up in the more severe conditions, they also have a necessity of the particular needs and goods. Such situation has caused some consequences that have affected the following lives of my relatives and me respectively. Meanwhile, if I had grown up in another family, country, and time, I would rather become a different person. Of course, it is a truthful fact that the environment has an effect on a person. But in that case, I would lose my identity and would not become a person who I am now.

In conclusion, it is necessary to outline that I am still searching for the place in this world and I can only belong to the particular role, category, or group. But I do not want to be, I want to live, take my own decisions, and arrange the time that I have independently, free of prejudices and stereotypes that every society provides.

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